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The first step to world domination. Stout Guy in glassware. I'd like to thank all my designer friends who gave me the highest praise possible. "Not bad for an engineer!" Glasses produced by
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If you've been paying attention and noticed the title of the website, you'll no doubt guess that two of my big passions are Beer and Computers.
I drink it. I brew it. I write about it. I'm just on this side of obsessed about it. No, this isn't about "beer" as in Coors Light twins, mega brewed commercials.
The beer I like to brew and drink is full of flavor to enjoy. Take a look around
While you're at it, check out the website I run for my homebrew club, the Maltose Falcons of Los Angeles.
A friend's soon-to-be commercial brewery, Revolutionary Brewing Co.
WWII Era Bomber Flights - A Tale in Pictures
My work as a Programmer

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