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These are a few of my recipes, that I've particularly enjoyed or that folks have asked me for time and time again. As I keep brewing, I'll keep throwing things in here.

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  • Why Not Berliner Weisse

  • American Lager / Cream Ale
    Not everything in the brewing world is about strength and flavor bombs. Sometimes you just need that beer that your non beer geek friends won't be squeamish about.
    This cream ale did quite a number at a few competitions for me. I'll be frank, this is a barely reworked version of Jeff Renner's "Father's Mustache" (Made for the lazy)
      • Drew's CACA HTML Promash
    American Wheat Beer
    During the long hot summers here in Los Angeles, I almost always have one of these wheat beers on tap.
    The Summer Wheat is light and drinkable, a quencher of thirst
    The American Wheat Wine is yet another in a series of "odd" barleywines. Careful, this one will hurt you.
    Falling Wheat Wine is a brew in celebration of dropping from the sky and landing softly. Lessons taken from the Gumballhead Thoughts and the first Wheatwine apply here.
    The Gumball Head Thoughts is a new brew (5/2004) modeled after the 3 Floyd's Brewery's Gumballhead. Hoppy and crisp! (Notes on the brew - a little too orange and surprisingly not hoppy enough.)
    Gumball Head Thoughts makes a return.. this time with a much better hop character that's closer to the real deal. If you're goign to do one of these, this is the one. Still think it needs to back off the color just a smidge, but hey.. it's a good one!
      • American Summer Wheat HTML Promash
      • American Wheat Wine HTML Promash
      • Falling Wheat Wine HTML Promash
      • Gumball Head Thoughts HTML Promash
      • Gumball Head Thoughts 2 HTML Promash
      • Gumball Head Thoughts 3 HTML Promash
    Browns and Milds
    Not a fan of the hops? Don't want something that'll blow your nose or your liver clean off? A brown beer for you!
    The CDJK mild is named after the four guys who originally brewed this at our Oktoberfest party. That's Cullen, Drew, Jim and Kent. The recipe has evolved a little over time, but this is it. The daily session beer.

    The Mild Malt Mild is an exploration of a new malt procured by my local shop, Briess Ashburne Mild Malt

    The CDJK Brown happened one day when I got a little more extract than I was expecting. It's an all malt brown based on the CDJK Mild.

    CDJK Essex is one of the 2006 variants of the CDJK mild, brewed with the White Labs Platinum Essex Ale strain. No sugar and very very tasty. Ranked by Bruce Brode as the best of the milds.

    Cherrywood was born out of my love of a smooth smokey beer like Craftsman's Smoked Black Lager. It uses Cherry Smoked Malt from Folsom Brewmerister.

    After much playing around, the Smoked Mild #2 recipe is exactly where I like to use that Brewmeister malt.
      • CDJK Mild (Mark 2) HTML Promash
      • CDJK Mild Malt Mild (Mark 3) HTML Promash
      • Oat Malt Pale AK Mild HTML Promash
      • CDJK Brown HTML Promash
      • CDJK Essex Mild HTML Promash
      • Cherrywood Mild HTML Promash
      • Smoked Mild #2 (Alderwood) HTML Promash
    IPA / Double IPA
    Unlike the pales.. these are the beers I want to drink when I want to blow my nose off! The Bourbon IPA is one of those brews folks always ask for the recipe. Here you go.
      • American Bourbon Barrel IPA HTML Promash
      • Double Down Double IPA HTML Promash (5 Gallon Version - HTML Promash)
      • Double Trouble Double IPA HTML Promash
      • Gonzo Seven Grain IPA HTML Promash
      • JJ Remix Rye DIPA HTML Promash
    Saison is my favorite Belgian style ale. It's a fascinating study in complexity. Unfortunately, the BJCP guidelines narrowly think of saison as being only "Saison Dupont I". The beers from Fantome and other Saison breweries (including Dupont) bear out the fallacy of the style.
      • Saison Automne 2003 HTML Promash
      • Saison Automne 2004 HTML Promash
      • Saison Automne Pumpkin HTML Promash
      • Saison d'Hiver 2001 HTML Promash
      • Saison d'Hiver 2003 (As Planned) HTML Promash
      • Saison d'Hiver 2003 (As Brewed) HTML Promash
      • Saison d'Hiver 2006 HTML Promash
      • Saison Ete 2001 HTML Promash
      • Saison Ete 2002 HTML Promash
      • Saison Ete 2003 HTML Promash
      • Saison Ete 2004 HTML Promash
      • Saison Printemps 2003 HTML Promash
      • Saison Printemps 2004 HTML Promash
      • Springtime in Amarillo HTML Promash
    APA - American Pale Ale / XPA - West Coast Xtra Pale Ale
    Yeah, I'm a West Coast Brewer and that means I love my hops, but these beers are for the days when I just want a no nonsense brew.
      • Amarillo Pale Ale HTML Promash
      • Amarillo Extra Pale Ale (2006) HTML Promash
      • Extra Pale Ale #1 (2004) HTML Promash
      • Simcoe Pale Ale HTML Promash
    Belgian Style Brews
    Like so many other brewers, there's a fine little country that captures so much of our attention. These are several of my recipes in the style of the country.

      • Pale Belgian Mild HTML Promash
      • Transumptum Acerbus HTML Promash
      • Brut du Faucon HTML Promash
      • Brut du Faucon Noir HTML Promash
      • Rookie Belgian Pale Ale HTML Promash
      • Tripel HTML Promash
      • Kentucky Gulch Tripel (Bourbon) HTML Promash
    German Lagers (Marzen/Bocks/etc)
    Yeah. I don't do much in the way of Germanic brews, but these are ones I've been happiest with
    The Maibock was brewed to take advantage of the new White Labs German Bock strain from Ayinger. It won the 2003 Oktoberfest Competition for the Falcons.
    The Marzen is a yearly project brewed by several of us at the shop. More info is available on the recipes section of the Falcons Website. But this is the best year for this recipe.
    I love Schwarz beer, really. I just don't know why I haven't done more of them!
      • Ayinger Maibock HTML Promash
      • Marzen 2003HTML Promash
      • Schwarz HTML Promash
    Every homebrewer needs a stout, right? A porter? Isn't this where many of us started with that dark pint of Guinness? So oddly frightening and inviting at the same time?
    The Belgie Guinness is modeled after the Guinness Special Export Stout (John Martin Guinness). This version requires a bit of a tweak in adding some more middle crystals to match the roundness of the SES. The 2005 version is a much closer step cousin to the real thing. The crystal malt addition rounds out the body. The reduction of the roast and addition of carafa keeps the dark chocolate color, while cutting the acidic roast character of the first version.
    Porters are my blind spot. Never just been able to close my eyes and zen a porter to save my life. So this Toasted Oat Smoked Porter recipe that we did for Japanese television is a reworking of a base recipe provided by my friend of Rich Schmittdiel. Thanks
      • 2005 Belgie Guinness(5 Gallons) HTML Promash
      • Belgie Guinness HTML Promash
      • NHK Toasted Oat Smoked Porter HTML Promash
    Strong Ales
    Mmm.. Strong beers.. the Barleywines, the Wee Heavys of the worlds. Lots of malt, lots of hops, lots of alcohol, lots of flavor.

    American Wee Heavy - A last minute, thrown together beer, brewed for the 2006 Falcons' Wee Heavy Tasteoff. Yeah I cheated, fermented California Ale nice and cold to supress the esters, but hey if it works, why not?

    Damn Heavy - This is a Wee Heavy beer of legendary measures. While the gravity may not be the largest (yield was 1.111), this is the beer that's boiled for 19 hours. Even though 95% of the malt bill is Marris Otter, the resulting brew stil has an incredible caramel ruby rich fruit character from the long boil.

    Fat Man Barleywine #3 - This was my third attempt at a barleywine and it turned out to a fine beer after some aging time, so fine that it won the Best of Show at the Pacific Brewers Cup.

    Gonzo Man Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine - A tribute to Hunter Thompson - A barleywine with Hemp Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Bourbon and Tequila Slumming Man Barleywine - A new generation barleywine, trying to avoid the slide towards a Double IPA.

      • American Wee Heavy HTML Promash
      • Damn Heavy HTML Promash
      • Fat Man Barleywine #3 HTML Promash
      • Gonzo Hemp Poppy Spirit Wine HTML Promash
      • Slumming Man Barleywine HTML Promash
    This is for things that loosely qualify as "beers" or things that don't really fit anywhere else.

    Electric Lemonade - The brew for all those folks who like those "malternatives". It's absolutely neccessary to have a kegging rig to pull one off.
      • Electric Lemondade HTML Promash